Overall Aims of Course

By the end of the course the students will be able to:
üGrasp basic principles of combinational and sequential logic design.
üDetermine the behavior of a digital logic circuit (analysis) andtranslate description of logical problems to efficient digital logic circuits (synthesis).
üUnderstanding of how to design a general-purpose computer, starting with simple logic gates.

Topics to be Covered
  • Digital Systems and Binary numbers.
  • Boolean Algebra and Logic Gates.
  • Gate Level Minimization .
  • Combinational Logic.
  • Synchronous Sequential Logic.

Letter Grading Scale
Letter grades will be assigned as follows:

  • A: 100-90%
  • B: 80-89.9%
  • C: 70-79.9%
  • D: 60-69.9%
  • Fail: Below 60%